Yorkie teacup is a variety of dogs that are chocolaty in color and having great furs on them. The category of dogs has been recognized around a century ago. Nowadays the breed of dogs has been most sought after. Yorkies are very little and most energetic dogs. They are smaller creatures of its kind. They are bold, spunky and bouncy dogs. They are zealous than other dogs. The teacups are very authoritative and would like to lead other dogs in spite of being quite little in size. This is why sometimes they create a little problem as well due to their boldness.

Yorkie Teacup

They are also very obedient and protective to the masters of them. They are also supposed to be the best watchdog as compared to their size and when faced with other animals of big size. Next the nature of a Yorkie is also quite different than others. Sometimes they would like to be in a very alone and quite place whereas other times he would like to be in your lap for amusing you and themselves both.  Due to the highest sensation of them no outsider would be getting a chance of intruding in to your house.

Daily tips for caring your Yorkie teacup

Getting a pet for you is having a great, refreshing and beautiful experience. However the requirement to care different pets is also different. When it comes to Yorkie puppy they do also require great attention in caring them. When talking about the eating habits of a Yorkie they eat for around 3 to 4 times per day.  You are also supposed to keep the puppy away from people food and snacks and instead you should give him the food appropriate for the puppy. Adding warm water in the food can change the taste of it. Yorkie teacup had a rich coating and sheen. It makes the requirement of caring them to a greater extent. The rich coat may attach and hide various foreign objects or fleas in it. It can be dangerous for his life hence their proper caring and maintenance is must. Next keeping your puppy hygienic by proper bathing of them is also a must for them. If you have problem doing this you can also select wash your puppy at least once in a week of time. After giving proper bath the puppy is required to go through nailing. It may contain considerable amount of dust with them. This is enough to make them dirty and prone to various diseases.

Advantage of having a tiny and feisty dog

Before getting a young, tiny and bold dog you must be prepared to face some pre-known instructions. You are also supposed to behave appropriately as you are preparing a new friend of you and it would be of same kind as you want him to be. However a little Yorkie does not need much attention for whole the day once you have done with him. Hence choosing a little puppy is not much hard for you but taking caring of them may be.

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